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Off Medication

Our clients want to share with you how they not only lost weight*, but were able to get off of their medications by following the weight loss and health programs from Metabolic Research Center. Many of our clients have taken control of their lives and their health to build a better future by following these programs. Metabolic Research Center is ready to help you change your life - one pound at a time. Contact us now to begin your journey!


Debbie W. discusses the success she has had with the weight loss program at Metabolic Research Center and how the program has allowed her to stop taking her Blood Pressure and Acid Reflux medications*.

She believes so much in Metabolic Research Center that she joined our team to help others improve their lives.

Keep up the great work Debbie!!

Rich has lost 54 pounds* on the Metabolic Research Center weight loss program.

He has also been able to stop taking his blood pressure medications (Triamterene and HCTZ) and
cholesterol medication (Simvastatin) because of his improved health.

Great Job Rich!!

Sandy has lost 51 pounds and 51.25 inches* on the Metabolic Research Center weight loss program.

She has also been able to stop taking her diabetes medication (Actoplus) and blood pressure medication (Triamterene). At Metabolic Research Center we love to help our clients lose weight and live healthier.


Great Job Sandy!!

Carol C getting off medications

Cheryl C. is signing the "Meds Board" after successfully losing weight* using the Metabolic Research Center program.

After consulting with her physician, she was able to stop taking Metoprolol for high blood pressure and Simvastatin for high cholestrol. MRC is proud we could help Cheryl live healthier.

Great job Cheryl!!

*Individual results vary, clients following our MetaSlim program, on average, lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Share Your Success!

Send us an email and share your story. What have you accomplished? How has weight loss impacted your life? What obstacles did you overcome? Please share your story with us.

We love to read emails from our clients, your joy is contagious! Your story can help other people succeed, and we may ask you for more information so that we can share your amazing accomplishments. We look forward to hearing from you, and congratulations again on your success!