Georgia's Story


It was after the birth of my first child that I started my journey to find a weight loss program that would get the extra weight off! For years I tried almost every diet that popular magazines or television shows had to offer and failed miserably at each one. A co-worker told me about the MRC program, after so many failed attempts at other programs, I was a skeptic from the get-go. However, I decided to give it a try thinking it would probably end up just like all others, just a memory within the first month and I would continue stuck in my rut. Boy was I wrong! In my first weigh in I lost more than I ever thought I could and the program has made it easy. The rest of my program went like this, the weight came of quickly and it kept being easy! I was surprised at the amount of support I got from the MRC team. Any worry, fret or question I had was addressed so well by the center coaches. Their encouraging words and patience with me was amazing and I never felt like I was in this by myself! I have so much energy and feel absolutely wonderful!

Thank you, MRC!

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