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Want to know what should be on your plate at meal time? Real food. If you're looking for results that you can see in the mirror and on the scale, it's time to visit our weight loss center in Chattanooga. At the Metabolic Research Center, we teach you how to use real foods and prepare great meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner in your own kitchen. Our goal is to see that you make a healthy transformation that will last for a lifetime.

To maximize your results, our weight loss consultants will develop a strategy that focuses on your needs, including a personalized plan for shedding pounds and inches that is designed just for you. MRC is leading the way into the future of living healthy by eating real foods and restoring your body's natural balance. Plus, our approach is based on decades of research with focus on supporting our client's health through permanent weight loss and improved nutrition.

To get started now, stop by MRC in Chattanooga for your free, no obligation consultation or complete our convenient form for a prompt response to all of your questions.


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