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Why Our Clients Lose Weight



Personalized Menus based on YOU!

Weight Loss System Support

EveryBODY is different, that is what makes us all so unique, and that is precisely why we offer a personalized menu based on the things that make you, YOU! Your weight loss coach will work with you to select the menu that will help you lose weight quickly, while taking into account your food preferences, lifestyle (even the busiest person can succeed with MRC), medical history, age, and more. At MRC we believe in the power of real food, all of our menus are designed using real foods that you prepare and home or even eat out in restaurants – no pre-packaged meals.

The MRC Difference Our Centers and Coaches

We have been in your shoes.  We understand the struggles and we know what it takes to keep you motivated and help you lose your weight easily. When you visit your center, you will be supported and encouraged by one of our understanding and compassionate weight loss coaches. Many of our consultants were clients first, and all of our consultants have done the program.

Every one of us understands and wants to see you succeed.  Your visits are private and you will meet one-on-one with a weight loss coach to discuss YOUR needs. The time is devoted to YOU and to supporting, motivating, and encouraging you to lose weight and reach your goals.

Our Approach – Real and Long Term

You will start on your fat burning menu immediately.  In fact, you walk out the door from your very first visit with a weight loss strategy. Our menus are designed to help you to lose 2-5 pounds per week without being tired or hungry. Throughout the program we discuss the long-term strategy, ensuring this will be your last weight loss program. 

As you reach your goal weight, we start to guide you through the process of transitioning from quick weight loss to easy weight maintenance. Our programs include 1 year of Maintenance, your insurance policy against the dreaded regain. With MRC, we help you lose weight quickly and teach how to keep it off forever. 

If your doctor has prescribed a weight loss program for you, you may be able to pay for your Metabolic program through flex dollars. Please consult your HR representative or check your benefits book for specific details.