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  • See how real food and real support can help you get real results, fast.

Our Weight Loss System

When you walk through the doors at Metabolic Research Center, you’ve found the secret to successful weight management, and a friend to help you on the journey. We know you can achieve your goals, because we have helped people all over the United States lose more than ten million pounds in the last 25 years!

At our centers you will find a warm greeting and a personalized approach, with one-on-one consultation and plans tailored specifically to you. We want you to succeed, and to feel good about yourself....not just for the short-term, but for the rest of your life. Metabolic Research Center equips you for permanent success through lifestyle change.


Here’s how it works:

Weight Loss System

Make an appointment for your FREE CONSULTATION. Our experienced staff will talk with you about your goals, desires and how we can help you find the right program to achieve them.

Weight Loss System Consultation

Now your team provides you with all the tools to start working your personlized weight loss plan. You have all the tips, tricks and plans to follow your menu, chose the right foods and picture yourself at your goal weight. 

Weight loss System Get Started

You will be Amazzzed at how easy you shed those unwanted pounds. Receive consistent and knowledgeable support as you stay focussed on overcoming those challenges that have derailed you in the past. One on one meetings help you keep your eye on the prize; providing support, education, encouragement and celebration! 

Lose Weight

There is no better feeling in the world than reaching a goal. We will celebrate your successful achievement and give you tools to make good choices for a better, stronger, healthier you. Our supportive staff will teach you how to follow a healthy lifestyle so looking in the mirror brings a smile and a cheer.

If your doctor has prescribed a weight loss program for you, you may be able to pay for your Metabolic program through flex dollars. Please consult your HR representative or check your benefits book for specific details.