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We Stand Behind the Research in Metabolic Research Center

Metabolic Research Center's weight loss programs were created by board certified physicians, research scientists and registered dietitians who wanted to design medically sound, evidence based weight loss programs which allow individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We approach the science of weight loss and weight management from a clinical, research-based perspective. Our programs are based on decades of scientific research in the fields of medicine and nutrition. We strive to provide excellent customer service through personalized weight loss programs with a focus on supporting our client's health. It is our goal to stay current with the latest research related to weight loss, psychology, hormones and nutrition. Our Medical Advisory Board is comprised of a wonderful group of experts in all of the areas that impact your weight loss journey, including board certified physicians, registered dietitians, nurse practitioners and licensed clinical social workers. Our 70+ weight loss centers are individually owned and operated throughout the United States.


Allan N. Spreen, MD

Dr. Allan Spreen was in private family practice for 10 years, concentrating on nutritional therapies for patients who preferred alternative options to traditional allopathic techniques. He has written two books on the subject of alternative and complementary medicine: Nutritionally Incorrect and the bestselling collaboration Smart Medicine for Healthier Living, with Janet Zand. The increasing popularity of ‘The Nutrition Physician’ also led to assignments as a nutrition expert for ‘America Online’ and ‘iVillage-The Women’s Network,’ followed by positions on the medical review board of the Discovery Health Channel and the Health Sciences Institute.
Dr. Spreen is active today in the medical field through articles, books, directorships, and as a member of the MRC Medical Advisory Board.


Arthur "Buster" Browning, MD

Dr Browning
Dr. Authur “Buster” Browning is Family Physician in Jacksonville, FL with almost 4 decades of experience. He specializes in preventative care and wellness, with a focus on dementia. Dr, Browning has helped guide the direction of MRC, as our Medical Director, for over 25 years. His experience taught him that losing weight is about so much more than just changing what you eat or simply counting calories; he believes effective weight loss requires a holistic approach that includes nutritional advice, 1-on1 support, motivation and education. Dr. Browning reviews and advises on MRC weight loss programs and our medical protocols ensuring our programs are not only medically sound but also effective. Dr. Browning knows firsthand the benefits of the MRC weight loss program; he was once a client and lost 25 pounds following the program. He says, “The program helped me lose weight, regain control of my eating habits and feel good again. That's why I accepted the position as MRC Medical Director, because I believe in the program and know that it was safe and medically sound.”


Melissa Stoner, R.D, R.D.N, CPT

Melissa is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and Professional Chef.  Melissa completed her education at Johnson and Wales University, where she majored in Dietetics.  From there she went on to complete her Dietetic Internship at Sodexo with a focus on Bariatrics, Weight Loss, and Corporate Wellness.  Following the completion of her internship, Melissa became a Certified Personal Trainer though the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She is proficient in the areas of Hypertrophy, Weight Loss and Competition-Style Training.  She believes that food is medicine and that healthy food doesn't have to lack flavor or excitement. Melissa loves the challenge of turning traditional unhealthy comfort foods into healthier versions that can be part of a balanced diet. Ultimately, Melissa believes that what you find at the bottom of your fork is far more powerful than anything you'll find at the bottom of a pill bottle.