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About Us

 Metabolic Research Centers have been helping people lose weight for more than 25 years.  We still believe in the basic principles upon which we were founded; individual, personalized service and real, whole food.  

We offer a variety of menu plans, based on the individual needs and preferences of our clients.  Our weight loss coaches meet regularly and one-on-one with our clients to offer support, guidance, motivation, and accountability.  Our menu plans offer a variety of food choices and our cookbook helps clients incorporate those foods into delicious recipes.  Our centers offer a variety of classes and activities to keep clients educated and engaged throughout their weight loss journey.  Our goal has always been to not only help our clients lose weight, but to keep it off. Our Healthy Living program follows the weight loss phase and is designed to teach our clients to employ healthy eating, exercise, and behavioral changes needed to maintain a healthy weight.  


        John and Nina Soileau, MRC Founders

John and Nina Soileau, MRC Founders

 Metabolic Research Center was founded over 30 years ago by John and Nina Soileau with one center they managed themselves. They began working in the fitness industry, which quickly evolved into a holistic wellness center; combining real, healthy food, healthy natural supplements and personalized support to provide a safe and effective customized weight loss solution for their clients. John and Nina grew MRC from the ground up to where we are today – offering safe and effective natural weight loss solutions to clients in over 100 weight loss centers throughout the country. John and Nina still guide the direction of MRC with the same philosophy that has created our success and the success of our clients for over 30 years; combining the power of real food, healthy supplements and personalized support to help transform the lives of each client we serve. 



  Dana Fiser, Executive

Dana Fiser joined Metabolic Research Center in March 2014. Dana has served in the nutrition and weight loss industry for nearly a quarter century and has established a strong track record of successful management and growth within the entities she has overseen. Dana has a passion for the weight loss industry and her success at the top of this industry has continually inspired other females to believe that they can accomplish anything they set out to achieve. Dana is also passionate about MRC and the personalized approach we take to make a true difference in the health of our clients.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Dana moved to Florida when she was fifteen. A sports enthusiast, Dana attended Rollins College in Winter Park, FL on a volleyball scholarship and received a BA in English with a minor in organizational communication. After teaching high school for two years, she went to work as a consultant for a weight loss center in 1990. Dana became a national sales trainer and director of the company’s Southeast division, helping to grow the company into a major national and international brand before it was acquired by Nestle. After Nestle’s acquisition, she went on to head the company’s North American and international operations until it was sold to a private equity firm in late 2013. In 2011, Dana was named Power Woman of the Year by Moves Magazine for her accomplishments as a female executive in the corporate world.

Outside the office, Dana loves playing all kinds of sports and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, son and daughter. She strongly believes in “unplugging” and getting away from the hustle and bustle of today’s digital world to take time out and enjoy good times with family and friends. Some of her favorite activities include fishing, biking, reading and great TV shows.